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DEA GOLD Program

Through our DEA GOLD Program, individuals have the potential to earn a full-time income as a digital marketer.


The DEA GOLD program is designed to assist its students in becoming financially independent digital marketers. This annual program provides ongoing personal mentorship training, digital marketing certifications, and a digital marketing workshop. Attendance to these events is limited in order to keep the event as interactive, intimate and impactful as possible.

12-Month Membership Benefits

  • DEA GOLD Convention – Events Held Annually
  • One-to-One Personal Mentoring Sessions – 30-Minute Coaching Sessions
  • Digital Marketing Courses & Certifications – Exclusive Access to Certification Programs from Digital Marketer Included


DEA Gold Convention

This value-packed event is an intensive workshop featuring some of the top marketers in the industry. DEA GOLD members will get the inside scoop along with targeted training on the most cutting-edge marketing tactics to boost their business success to new heights.

Learn, Grow, & Develop Your Business & Yourself!

One-On-One Mentoring Program

Greg and Fiona Scott

We’re excited to have Greg and Fiona on board as founding members of DEA, having joined in November 2010. They have strong professional backgrounds and have translated those skills into building several successful digital businesses. What they realized is that people starting an online business needed honest, expert guidance. This inspired them to write their best-selling book, Living a Laptop Lifestyle, which is available on Amazon.

Stuart selected Greg and Fiona to mentor his inner circle students, and they’ve been heavily involved in delivering DEA training calls. They’re thrilled to deepen that contribution by sharing their experience in your One-on-One DEA Gold mentoring calls, and their aim is to help you build an outstanding digital business.

If you’re looking for general training or specialized training in Bing and/or PPC advertising, Greg and Fiona are the perfect fit.

Kat Smith

Introducing Kat Smith, a BLACK member of DEA since 2014 and a product of the product. Kat launched and started running her Digital Agency six months after joining the DEA and quickly grew it into the six-figure business it is today. After completing the Pinpoint Your Purpose process, she arrived at a place of fully understanding her purpose and was able to turn all of her attention to it.

To Create a Confident Awareness in Others So That They Can Live The Powerful Lives They Want

With Kat Smith’s combination of digital business and personal development success, it is not surprising that she has been selected by Stuart and Jay to Mentor at the GOLD level and provide the same support and advice that she got from her mentors while on her journey.

She is thrilled to be able to give back to the community in this way and excited to help you find what you want and get the results you deserve.

If you’re someone who’s looking for guidance with business growth and strategy as well as overcoming limiting beliefs.

Dan Holloway

With a decade of sales experience, five of which were spent in corporate software sales; Dan Holloway brings a wealth of knowledge to the DEA Coaching Team.

Although he was making a six-figure salary, Dan realized the corporate path was becoming less and less fulfilling and decided to submit his application to the DEA…and we’re so glad he did!

For over a year now, Dan has become a fixture and a go-to resource within the community by showing up in the leaderboard time and time again, all while making himself available to fellow community members to share his insights and experience.

Dan’s main area of expertise lies within the world of Paid Advertising. 

Alex Smale

Alex is a digital marketing veteran with over ten years experience, going back to the early days of Facebook. He has worked in a variety of industries including leisure, PR, e-commerce, and finance allowing him to round out his already impressive skill set.

Since joining the DEA, Alex has used his experience to become a successful affiliate as well as a leader within the community. He is passionate about helping others to achieve great results with their online businesses and sharing everything he knows.

Alex can help you if you’re looking for help with learning the ins and outs of Paid Advertising and taking your marketing to the next level.

Training & Education

Copywriting Mastery

Discover proven techniques for writing effective content that stands out, generates leads and makes sales. You’ll learn about copy that gets people to take specific actions, need-to-know online marketing tactics such as emails, web pages and paid search ads, plus much more.

Content Marketing Mastery

Discover how to turn content into brand authority, loyal customers and profits. We’ll teach you how to leverage copywriting so it generates leads and sales to your business. Effectively grow free organic traffic with a step-by-step strategic plan centered around providing value.

Paid Traffic Mastery

Keep customers flowing to your business by mastering how to drive quality traffic from platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. We’ll also show you how to leverage traffic so you can convert strangers into customers while making a profit instead of breaking the bank.

Social & Community Mastery

It’s easy to spend tons of time and effort on social media without getting stable ROI. Learn a step-by-step plan for tracking, measuring and monetizing key customer engagement channels such as Facebook and Twitter. You’ll learn how to build real relationships with brand trust.

Conversion Funnel Mastery

Learn one of the most powerful techniques in generating customers and increasing their value. Effective conversion funnels also let you automate the entire Customer Acquisition process and reduce the costs involved. Become a master at creating sales funnels that work like magic.

Search Marketing Mastery

SEO is just as important as ever but it’s changed – now the key is customer experience, not links and keyword density. We’ll teach you a time-proof plan to ensure your website ranks well across all major platforms people search, successfully and consistently delivering free organic traffic.

Email Marketing Mastery

Learn about effortless automated email marketing that generates at least 200% more sales and conversions.Still ranked highest when it comes to ROI, we’ll show you how to create successful email campaigns as well as overcome the obstacles to getting them seen and clicked on.

Analytics & Data Mastery

Arm yourself with key data to base your business decisions on, instead of guesses. Discover how to create a solid analytics plan and understand the key metrics your brand needs to focus on. Also, learn a simple dashboard set up to proactively forecast opportunities and problems.

Optimization & Testing Mastery

Find out how to maximize profits on your website and diagnose problems using a proven process. Learn the secrets of undertaking targeted, efficient tests that increase the sales funnel and landing page conversions on any website so it never misses a conversion opportunity.

E-Commerce Marketing Mastery

Give your e-commerce store rocket fuel. We’ll teach you how to make more sales and profit with a step-by-step process that will streamline your website’s design, architecture and traffic generation so that it’s capable of delivering more revenue than you’ve ever seen.


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