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The DEA PLATINUM Program is designed to take members on an exciting journey of personal and professional discovery to create a unique online brand identity that makes the world stand up and take notice.



Why Is a Professional Brand Important?

Any entrepreneur will tell you that a vital factor to any successful business is a great brand that stands out from the crowd. Many business struggle to compete in the noisy online space because they haven’t got this aspect right. The reason for this fall-down, even for those who’ve paid huge sums to typical branding agencies and web design companies, is that a genuine brand which stands the test of time and earns consumer trust needs to come from a place of authentic integrity that flows through your entire business and communications.

The DEA PLATINUM Program is a cutting-edge process with a specific, proprietary formula that helps you really dig to the roots when it comes understanding and expressing your WHY i.e. your values, mission and purpose. We work with you to define these principles and then translate them into a visual representation which becomes your unique, authentic brand presence.

This lets you start attracting the right people to your business, people who will share in your values and therefore become loyal customers. In a nutshell, a congruent, world-class brand earns trust, so you can move from strength to strength with building a successful business.

Exclusive to DEA PLATINUM Members

Brand Incubation Portal

With our state-of-the-art Brand Incubation portal launched in the first quarter of 2016, we’ve taken what was already an unparalleled amount of value and kicked it to stellar levels. To get anything that would come close to this process outside of the DEA PLATINUM product (and we’ve done our research around this) you’d be looking at $30,000 to $50,000 at least, and that’s without the education and 1-2-1 coaching we provide our DEA PLATINUM members.

The proprietary Brand Incubation portal and process takes you through a comprehensive journey of authentic brand discovery:

  1.  Immersion: start your journey with comprehensive education on branding need-to-know, so you can fully understand how to effectively bring your ideas and personality to the world. This phase culminates with a workshop run by Alex (DEA PLATINUM Director), JJ (our WHY Discovery and Self-Leadership specialist) and Jay Kubassek (CEO and Founder). These DEA PLATINUM Workshops, held all around the world each year, are literally life-changing on both the personal and professional fronts, they’re absolutely unmissable!
  2.  Incubation: here you’ll be gathering the ideas, direction and foundations of your brand, along with working with our expert coaches to identify your mission and values.
  3.  Inspiration: this is where the creative juices really get flowing! You’ll be allocated a top-notch website designer and content writer who will turn your fundamentals into a unique, world-class brand that lets you operate from a place of integrity and authenticity to earn customer trust.
  4.  Implementation: the final phase where we deliver all your brand assets, professionally written content and cutting-edge, responsive website. This, along with practical education on how to use your brand effectively, ensures you can really move forward taking your business to new heights of success.


DEA PLATINUM Member Benefits

The intensive 3-Day live DEA PLATINUM Workshop (kept to restricted numbers so we can really dive deep) where you’ll be working closely with Jay Kubassek, our DEA PLATINUM Director and Leadership specialist to delve into your values and really get to grips with what effective branding is all about.

    • Access to the cutting-edge Brand Incubator portal that will take you step-by-step to creating your ideal brand, reflecting who you are and the unique value you bring to the world. You’ll end up with:
    • A comprehensive Style Guide that includes a bespoke font, color palette and typography to visually represent your individual personality.
    • A world-class website designed by a top-notch designer that is also responsive (meaning it has an easy-to-use content management system so you can make changes to the site as you see fit).
    • Core website content that has been edited and polished by a professional copywriter.
    • A logo tying all your brand elements into one strong image.
    • A professional photo to ensure a top quality first impression.
    • You’ll be allocated a dedicated Project Manager to ensure your branding journey flows smoothly.
    • 5 Expert Credits i.e. each credit translates to 30mins of live 1-2-1 coaching with our coaches to boost your business success.


DEA PLATINUM+ Member Benefits

You can also upgrade to a DEA PLATINUM+ membership. This brings all the benefits of standard DEA PLATINUM membership, but with extra features to increase the value you get from the program:

  • Upgraded logo to add a heavyweight punch to your brand on the first impression.
  • Additional iconography (graphic design) to make your brand stand out even more.
  • Branding on your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter platforms to ensure you have a wide reach with your brand identity and that your social media presence is fully congruent with your main website brand.
  • Body-shot or additional headshot done by a professional photographer so you have a range of photos to pick from and use anywhere you want to display your brand identity.
  • Bespoke, professionally written article (including keyword optimization for search engine ranking) on any topic of your choosing, so that when you launch your new website brand you already have great content to kick you off on the right footing.
  • 10 Expert Credits i.e. an additional two and a half hours of 1-2-1 expert coaching to boost your business success.
  • And the crowning jewel is 1-2-1 mentorship with JJ himself, a highly trained and experienced Why Discovery/Self-Leadership pro. He’ll take you through an intensive process to uncover your deepest personal purpose, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how to move forward with integrity and authenticity to yourself and within your business. This is an unbelievably powerful process and great value-for-money since specialists in this area typically cost upwards of $5,000.

All in all, we’re extremely excited to be able to offer these deliveries since there’s nothing like this in the marketplace to date and at such affordable prices. There’s simply never been a more exciting time to be a DEA PLATINUM member!

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