Email Marketing: Which Provider Will Serve Your Business Best?

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Email Marketing:

Which Provider Will Serve Your Business Best?

Once upon a time, email marketing autoresponders were fairly consistent in what they offered, but now we have an awesome range of email marketing programs to choose from. The question is… Which one will suit the needs of your business now and in the future?

Let’s compare the two most trusted providers in the email marketing industry AWeber & Get Response. But quickly, let’s get clear on some lingo…

  • List Building

List Building allows you to cultivate a targeted relationship with visitors who have opted into your email list. Building your email marketing list is a fundamental part of any business and ultimately helps you convert your subscribers into a loyal customer based on their interest. When marketers say “The money is in the list” they aren’t kidding! So it is especially important to adopt an autoresponder solution like AWeber or GetResponse that will serve your email marketing strategies now and in the future.

  • Autoresponders

This is the email marketing software used to automatically deliver a sequence of email messages to subscribers. Thanks to pre-written conversations that will automatically be sent in response to a subscriber’s specific behavior (like opting in, clicking on a link or making a purchase). Platforms like AWeber and GetResponse are often simply referred to as “autoresponders” even though they can do much more.

Email Marketing Services Review ComparisonsWhat’s Awesome About AWeber

AWeber is an automation system focused on email marketing since 1998. With their easy-to-use automation platform, you can captivate your customer base by introducing email sequences where you can tag and segment subscribers based on their actions. You can also send one-time promo email or newsletter to monitor your results.

AWeber doesn’t leave you in the dark; they provide educational resources like email marketing templates, list-building courses, and webinars designed for beginners and advanced email marketers to make the most of the services they provide. They have over 20 years of experience using their own emails servers and IP addresses to ensure your email delivery is optimized to get your offers delivered to your subscriber’s inbox.

AWeber’s drag-and-drop builder skips past the complexities of setting up an automated email marketing sequence ultimately saving you time and learning curve hassles. They allow you to tag subscribers based on the emails they open and links they click on which helps you to automate targeted emails based on subscriber behavior.

Your goal as an email marketer is to create loyal customers out of your lists of often passive subscribers. This means you need a way to manage your email communications by using a reliable email marketing and automation solution. It’s tough to look past AWeber for ease of use and world-class support.

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What’s Awesome About GetResponse

GetResponse is an all-in-one email marketing platform offering solutions like landing pages, webinars, customer relationship management (CRM) and email marketing services; as such the learning curve can be a little trickier than AWeber due to it’s multi-functional nature.

With GetResponse CRM, you can even monitor your sales pipeline at every stage, seeing where they are in your pipeline and what action they have taken as you attempt to convert leads into sales, which are viewable in one place. How would you like your emails delivered to your contacts when they are most likely to engage?

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Here’s what GetResponse can offer your business:

Landing Pagesget response landing page email marketing

Design and publish engaging promotional, video and squeeze pages with easy drag-and-drop editor, integrations, and advanced optimization solutions. Leverage over 100 done-for-you “mobile-ready” templates to start saving you time. When you use GetResponse you get Landing Pages, Templates, Mobile Workspace, Responsive Design, plus 1000+ iStock photos.

Webinarsgetresponse webinar review email marketing

You get a comprehensive webinar email marketing service to enhance your conversations with your customers. Automatically send invites, reminders, and follow-up emails to encourage more leads, conversions, and inevitably more sales. GetResponse includes Webinars, Social Media Integrations, Multimedia Studio and Landing Page Templates.

getresponse crm email marketing

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Using customized pipelines you can close more deals by customizing those pipelines to keep track of and organize the sales process from beginning to end. By overseeing deals and stages you are able to identify opportunities to improve the overall process. To nurture your client funnel or best reflect your business model GetResponse CRM could be the automation solution for your business.

Email Marketing

Optimize your engagement, boost conversions and most importantly grow your lists is easy with GetResponse’s visually appealing emails and autoresponders, laser-sharp segmentation, high-converting web forms, and unique delivery tools. GetResponse’s email marketing solution includes Drag-and-drop Email Editor, Autoresponders, Perfect Timing, A/B Testing, Forms and Advanced Analytics.

Marketing Automationgetresponse email marketing automation

Based on your subscribers’ behavioral data you can organize, build, and manage individual customer experiences. Scheduled into workflows, make use of filters, actions, and conditions built on simple “if-then” logic.

Email Marketing Automation features include Marketing Automation, Segmentation, Scoring, Web Event Tracking, Cart Abandonment, and more.

If you really want the experience of your customer to be seamless based on in-depth data and customer behavior that is integrated across a number of solutions, then GetResponse may be the marketing service for you.

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Unique Features of AWeber and GetResponse

Both AWeber and GetResponse’s email marketing deliverability is among of the best in the industry. If your emails are not reaching the subscriber’s inbox, and ultimately opened, then your efforts are in vain. Both services are cloud-based services and accessed via a web browser so you do not have to host a service yourself.

  • In review, AWeber is the defacto standard due to it’s established market penetration early on in the email marketing industry. Most importantly, Aweber is known for their award-winning customer service even providing toll-free phone support in the U.S.A.
  • GetResponse is a newer service distinguished by offering supplementary services like Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and GetResponse Webinars.

Still Undecided Which to Adopt?

Adopting either AWeber or GetResponse should deliver a quality solution as they are both established companies widely adopted and supported. For a complete list of detailed features of either AWeber or GetResponse, visit their websites to see how they will fit into your overall business strategy.

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I will only make recommendations on products and services  I personally believe to be of value.