Set Your Intention for the New Year Ready, Set, 2020!

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Set Your Intention for the New Year Ready, Set, 2020!

Change is coming…. in fact, it’s already here!

Can you feel it? There’s something magical about this time of year… would you agree?… an undercurrent of change.

While some are getting caught up in the madness of Christmas as it approaches, others are taking a step back and reassessing their career (and/or life).

If you want to create a change in your life, you can begin by clarifying your intention.  I have some goodies in store for you that will have you stepping into the New Year with crystal clarity.

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Today I’ll be taking stock of all that has happened to me in 2019 and set clear intentions for all that I plan to manifest for myself in 2020.

This is something I do each year and the results always bring tears of gratitude to my eyes… I’ve planned ahead this year and have tissues close-by!

If you’ve been feeling a pull to something bigger, or a change in directions altogether, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Take time for yourself over the next few weeks to contemplate what you want to create in the New Year.

I’m here for you, and can’t wait to see what next year brings for you!

A new year is a great opportunity to reflect on your growth of the previous year. It’s a good time to review what you’ve learned and how you’ve grown through the inevitable challenges life presents.

Growth can be painful…

but it brings with it proof of our resilience. Looking back over the last 12 months, be grateful for the challenges you’ve been handed. It is in these obstacles that we learn to conquer, discovering the courage it takes to align ourselves with what we truly seek.

The end of the year is designed for us to truly explore our failures and, ultimately, our successes. We ask ourselves where we could’ve made better decisions; whether we’re living from our hearts and true intentions.

Though it’s easy to forget, we have a tremendous amount of control over our lives. The small decisions we make daily lead to different paths. Life is not a pre-fix menu. It’s a mystery that unfolds every single day. We don’t have control over what obstacles life throws in our path, but we can control our actions. By setting intentions and keeping them close, we can facilitate the path that we choose.

Setting intentions directs the mind and gives us purpose. When we lose sight of our purpose, a void is created and we can easily stray off our path. Focusing on your heart and what’s important to you creates clarity and self-discovery devoting you to finding true joy in life.

A destination is what we typically think of as a goal. A well-defined, future-focused outcome. But trust me on this one, the intention is where it’s at!

The intention isn’t tangible like the goal, but it’s the guiding principle, feeling and motivation you’re committing to. It’s the thing that gives you the warm and fuzzies. And when you say it out loud, it seriously lights you up!

An intention is the starting point of every dream. It is the creative power that fulfils all of our needs, whether for money, relationships, spiritual awakening, or love.

Everything that happens in the universe begins with intention. It’s my hope, that with Napoleon Hill’s book Think & Grow Rich and this Action Plan, you too will give yourself permission to invest in yourself, your dreams & your future.

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