3 Tips for Building Confidence


3 Tips for Building Confidence

Building self-confidence is essential for anyone to have beautiful relationships, a successful career and live a fulfilled life. I believe true confidence stems from self-acceptance and self-love.

In this post, we’ll explore why it’s important for us to build self-confidence. You’ll find three practical tips you can apply today to express yourself more effectively in all areas of your life.

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Stepping into confidence allows you to see yourself from a different perspective. It’s something that flows from within. Small internal shifts can have an instant effect on us. Affecting how we breathe, the clarity of our thoughts, how we communicate, how we carry ourselves as well as how people perceive us.

If we’re honest with ourselves… It’s that little (sometimes loud) voice in our heads that often takes us out.

How often do you find yourself critiquing what you do or didn’t do?

Perhaps you silently beat yourself up for what you haven’t achieved in your life? I can’t begin to count how many friends and colleagues come to me expressing feeling unworthy, afraid to step out and go after what they really want in life.

It was through my own journey of self-acceptance and self-love that I gave myself permission for self-expression. I now much of my time writing and speaking to about overcoming self-doubt and fear. Because, what I found, is the only way to cultivate confidence is to firmly anchor ourselves in our heart instead of our head.

3 Ways You Can Practice Self-Confidence Today

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1. Feel Your Worth 

How often has your fear of appearing “over-confident” or like you “have tickets on yourself” kept you from talking about what you’re passionate or excited about? Or the project you’re currently working on?… Next time you’re asked about what you do, give yourself permission to speak about it in a way that lets people know you see the value in what you do.

2. Let Go Of The Guilt. 

So often though our guilt is driven by what other people expect of us or what we grew up expecting of ourselves through social conditioning. A great example of this is that to be a good mother you need to sacrifice your own needs for the needs and wants of your family… If you’re a working mother, I’ll be you’ve have had your own instances with mothers guilt that has kept you pigeonholed exactly where you are. But here’s the deal, how can you possibly tell your kids to go out and pursue their dreams if you aren’t role-modelling and out pursuing yours? You can’t!

3. Expand your circle. 

Here’s the thing… The more people you surround yourself with who are already achieving what you want, the more people who can help you get there too. So, get out a pen and think about who it is that you’d love to build a relationship with. Then find a way to connect with them. In my case, if I hadn’t given myself permission to connect with my mentors Stu & Jay and their community of online business owners [SFM], I would still be stuck working full-time in a job that didn’t fulfill me.

Never underestimate the impact of building new relationships to expand your thinking 🤔 an to fuel your belief. Supportive friendships give you the courage to lean in and “take a leap” rather than “turning your back” when it matters most. Get out there and get connected!

In short, self-confidence allows you to embrace your life as you’ve never allowed yourself to before. Confidence will help you achieve more than you can possibly imagine.

When you give yourself permission to invest in yourself, you begin expanding your self-confidence. You become a person who can stand anchored in the eye of a hurricane. You don’t allow stress, anxiety and worry to stop you moving in the direction you want to go.

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