How To Set-up A Hosted WordPress Blog – Ultimate Guide + Video

The Ultimate Guide to starting a blog

How To Set-up A Blog With WordPress

The Ultimate Guide + Video Demo’s

This post is your A-Z guide on how set-up a blog using the WordPress platform. You’ll be walked through the process of purchasing your domain name, choosing a hosting plan and how to connect them all seamlessly with WordPress.

What’s awesome is that I’ve laid this post out in a step-by-step format including a series of  1-minute videos from  HOSTPAPA’S experts showing how to purchase your Domain Name and then how to connect and install your hosting plan and domain name with your WordPress account…. so make sure you save or download this post using the button at the top of this post!

Save yourself hours of frustration by working your way through this post step-by-step to set-up a blog from scratch. By the time you finish you’ll know the exact steps to:

  • Choose your blogging platform
  • Choose a suitable hosting plan for your needs
  • Choose a domain name
  • Connect your Domain name to your hosting plan
  • Connect your hosting plan to your blogging platform
  • Choose and install your chosen Blog Theme ready for customization

Choose A Blogging Platform

start a blog WordPress Plans
When choosing a platform to set-up a blog you’ll have the following options available to you: freemium hosting or self-hosted platforms. I recommend a self-hosted platform and personally use WordPress. I chose WordPress to start my blog because it’s easy to use and there’s an endless supply of free Plugins which make customizing, functionality and automation a breeze!


Get Web Hosting

If you’re completely new to blogging it’s worth noting that once you’ve chosen and purchased a website or blog theme the next step to set up a blog is to have it hosted in order for it to go live. There are essentially two kinds of hosting; shared hosting or cloud VPS hosting.

SHARED HOSTING – For new bloggers

By far the most affordable option and the one I recommended for new bloggers is shared hosting. HOSTPAPA offers competitive rates for shared hosting. If you choose to use this option I’ve included the two short video’s below to help you purchase a Hosting Plan.

If you don’t have a Domain Name yet you can also go ahead and register your domain name with HOSTPAPA too (see video 1 below). The next step is to connect your Domain Name with your WordPress account (see video 2 below).

CLOUD VPS HOSTING – For high traffic or e-Commerce websites

Of the two kinds of hosting cloud VPS is a more reliable premium level hosting. It can handle large amounts of traffic to your site without slowing it down or crashing it all together. If you plan on doing paid advertising campaigns or are expecting large amounts of traffic I recommend cloud hosting by HOSTPAPA.

However, if you’re just starting out you’ll want to stick with Shared Hosting which is also with HOSTPAPA Aside from being super affordable, they make it easy with a capital E to set up a blog and connect it with WordPress. Ok, so now let’s talk about shared hosting and how you can use it to set-up a blog very affordable.

How to Register a Domain Name (1 Min Video)

How To Connect Your Domain & Hosting to WordPress (1 Min Video)

How To Navigate & Create WordPress Pages, Posts & Galleries (1 Min Videos)

Pick Your Blog Theme

Once WordPress is installed, the next step to set-up a blog is to choose a theme. The options available to you regarding the look and feel of your blog is limitless depending on the Theme you decide to install. WordPress will give you a default blog theme that comes pre-installed called Twenty Sixteen. But you will want to choose a theme that is unique to your personal brand and has the functionality you want it to have.

Action steps

  1. Read the Theme Specifications. Most themes come with a short description on of features and functionality. By reading it, you should have a rough idea if the theme matches your needs and how customizable it is.
  2. Click Preview. Preview the theme to get an idea of the overall look and layout.
  3. Check for responsiveness. You want a responsive design that works on desktop browsers and mobile devices.

Finding Your Perfect Theme

Blog softwareOk, so we’ve arrived at the fun part…but what kind of blog theme should you choose? This really depends on your niche, I always start a blog by heading across to Creative Market. They have a huge selection of responsive WordPress blog and website themes to choose from… who doesn’t like choice?

Keep in mind you will still need to customize your theme once they have set up the demo theme on your live WordPress site.

Now You Have Your Very Own Blog!

Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I will only make recommendations on products and services  I personally believe to be of value.