How I Attract Targeted Organic Traffic To My Blog For FREE

How I Attract A Tonne of Free Targeted Traffic To My Blog

How I Attract Targeted Organic Traffic To My Blog For FREE

In this post I’m doing a dive deep into the tool I use to promote every blog post I write and how it sends targeted organic traffic to my blog every day. But before I talk about this tool let’s take a quick look at Pinterest, what it is and why I’ve chosen to use it in my business.

Using Pinterest Yet…? Here’s Why I Suggest Taking a Closer Look

A few months ago I made the decision to give Pinterest a go as a way to generate more organic traffic to my blog posts. When I look at my Google Analytics Pinterest has suddenly become my biggest free social referrer even without having a pin go viral …

For months I heard people raving about Pinterest. I was definitely already spread too thin promoting my blog around social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Digital Bloggers and lots of other niche sites and just didn’t want to take on another social media channel… But I’m so glad that I did!

Pinterest Pinteresting Noteworthy Pinterest demographic data to consider:

* With over 175 Million (with a capital M) users on Pinterest there is definitely a reason to be on there!
* 81% of Pinterest users are in fact, Women.
* 40% of All new members are Men; 60% All New members are Women.
* Men account for merely 7% of overall pins on Pinterest (c’mon guys… start creating content!).
* Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram (this fact shocked me)
* The average age of a Pinterest member is 40 years old, but having said that, more than half of active pinners are under 40.
* 50% of Pinterest users earn $50K or more per year, along with 10 percent of Pinteresting households generating greater than $125K.
* 30% of US social media users are Pinterest users.
* 60% of Pinterest users are from US.

All Pinterest stats provided by

tailwind pinterest instagram scheduling

Compared To Facebook, Twitter, and now Instagram, where posts from preceding days get lost, Pinterest is a micro search engine for searchable images that act like little gateways straight to your blog posts or affiliate offers. Like Google, quality pins (as categorized by # repins, likes, and clicks) rank at the top of search results regardless of when it was pinned.

Pinterest pins are searchable by categories, keywords, and hashtags. And because of this Pinterest has the potential to boost your blog and increase your organic traffic.

With Pinterest, the more engaged your account is, the more followers you get. And together with more followers, you have increased odds of your pins being discovered. With more discovery comes a surge of organic traffic straight to your post… WooHoo!!

Keeping in mind that Pinterest rewards enthusiastic active members, you want to continue to be active by pinning fabulous content frequently. When I first started out, I was trying to physically share at least 30 pins per day but I found it challenging just make sure most my boards had new pins every day.


How I Automated A Tonne Of Organic Traffic From Pinterest

tailwind free trialIf you feel like you don’t have time to try and learn a new system like Pinterest? Don’t worry, Tailwind has you covered with their short step-by-step video tutorials, teaching you how to use most important features fast and make your Pinterest experience fruitful fast.

But even so, In this blog post, I’ll definitely be showing you how to start saving time sending a tonne of organic traffic back to your blog posts using Pinterest and Tailwind! Let’s face it… your time is best spent creating fabulous content and Tailwind gives you back the time to focus on doing just that.

One of the things that got me to test Tailwind out in the first place is that I got to try out the service for Free for a whole month! If you’d like to check it out for yourself you can do that HERE!

Becca from Bloguettes offers a super useful walkthrough of some of Tailwind’s most popular features:


10 reasons tailwind blog organic traffic1. Bulk Scheduling Made Easy

The Tailwind Chrome Extension ensures scheduling pins from Pinterest or any website you choose to share content from very easy. Also, do you have photos on your device? You can bulk upload images to your Tailwind profile and share them too! The Chrome extension can be found and activated from inside your Tailwind dashboard.

2. What’s Your Prime Time To Post?… Don’t Know… Tailwind Does!

When you connect your Pinterest account to Tailwind, Tailwind instantly optimizes your pinning schedule so that you pin whenever your followers are most active which really helps with engagement and to send targeted organic traffic to your posts when your visitors are most engaged with your message. This capability removes the uncertainty of trying to figure out when the best time is to pin.

But maybe you want to set up your own customized schedule? Tailwind allows you to do that too and it’s super easy!

3. Get Board Insights & Pinterest Profile Stats

There’s a reason Tailwind insights is ranked close to the top of my list of reasons I love this tool. Having access to this level of insight offers me more detailed information to make decisions on whether I need to pin more or less to specific boards or even leave an inactive Pinterest board altogether.

4. Create Board Lists & Save Time!

One perk of using Tailwind is definitely being able to create board lists. Let’s say you see something you want to pin, but that pin could easily go under a number of similar boards you have on Pinterest. Inside Tailwind, you can create group heading and put all the similar boards under that heading. When it’s time to schedule a post that fits in all the boards in that board list,  simply click on the dropdown for and select that specific board list and Tailwind populates your pin with ALL the selected boards within that list!

Making use of this function saves me the time and effort of scrolling through my never-ending list of Pinterest boards in search of similar boards that I want to publish the same pin to.

See in the image below; I have 3 board lists set up; now whenever I select one of these board lists when scheduling a pin… Tailwind will automatically select all of the boards in that list for the pin to be published to.

Tailwind Pinterest board lists

5. Quick & Easy Unlimited Pinning

Who likes limits? Not me! When you sign up for the annual Plus plan you can schedule an unlimited number of pins with Tailwind (or 400 pins/month with month-to-month subscription)
If this isn’t reason enough to fall in love with Tailwind… I don’t know what is… When I realized I can organize an unlimited number of pins with TailWind and just set and forget…. for months in advance I thought I’d won the lottery!!

Tailwind Interval scheduling6. Set Intervals For all Your Pins

If you are a contributor to a number of boards, you will undoubtedly appreciate the ability to set up intervals for a pin that fits into all of these related boards (super handy for scheduling your content to multiple Group Boards). You could be tempted to post that blog post pin to all Group Boards at the same time but that method decreases your chances of being found and can be looked at as spam.

By using interval pinning, you schedule your pin to be posted on each board on a loop cycle according to the timing of your choice (to be repeated on a certain number of minutes/hours/days or weeks). I personally prefer to spread out my pin by a couple of days at a time. By the time the pin gets posted on the following board, it ought to have gotten a few repins on the previous one. More repins means more reach and organic traffic, here’s how:

A pin that has been repinned has a higher chance of receiving more repins within the Tribe. Repins = Discovery = Quality organic traffic to your offer.

See in the image: Here is an example of interval scheduling to multiple boards. You can see I have 6 boards selected and this pin will be posted to those boards every 2 days and 10 hours into the closest open timeslot I have available in my scheduling calendar.

7. Alerts From Tailwind Help You Stay Compliant With Pinterest

There are a number of pins that link to fraudulent websites. Previously, the only way to know if you were sharing a pin that links to one was by examining every pin prior to you publish it on your board… srsly who has time for that?

I use Tailwind’s bulk scheduling to send a group of potential pins to my Tailwind drafts over the course of the week. When I am ready to schedule the draft pins to be published on my account, Tailwind quickly checks all pins to make sure that they meet Pinterest’s guidelines.

Tailwind then flags all pins that have no description, have no link, or that link to questionable websites. I can easily choose to correct the pins or just delete them all. Easy as pie 🙂

8. Shuffle & Lock Pins

By this stage, I have 100’s of pins which I have just scheduled in bulk to be published to certain boards at optimized times on an interval loop. But because I usually search for pins to send to my drafts by doing a keyword search on  Pinterest… this means that all the Pins on similar topics will all be published around the same time (not ideal). But with the push of a button, Tailwind will random shuffles my pins to mix my content to be spread out evenly among my boards.

Also, I like to keep a daily pinning balance of 30/70 = 30% my pins & 70% other peoples pins. By locking my blog pins before I shuffle, I’ll be certain that pins from my blog are regularly shared 30% of the time every day!

9. Analytics That Help To Make Better Pinning Decisions

By having a Pinterest business profile, you do get access to a small amount of analytics data. Although this is helpful, it offers only limited information. Tailwind provides very detailed analytics on your Pinterest profile. But you also get to see how viral each of your pins are so that you are able to repin those pins more often resulting once again in more organic trafifc for you.

In addition, you will definitely be able to see your top performing boards so you can create a pining strategy to pin there more often. Knowledge is power (insert evil witch chuckle here)

Tailwind Interval scheduling

10. Drum Roll Please… Tailwind Tribes!

One very special feature unique to Tailwind, that I haven’t experienced on any other scheduling platform is the ability to join and create collaborative groups, Tailwind calls these groups Tribes.

Here’s a quick walk-through on how to get started making the best use of Tailwind Tribes:
* Just search for a niche Tribe from within the Tribe’s section of the Tailwind dashboard.
* Pin a few of your pins that you want to be repinned by the Tribe
* Then start repinning your tribe members pins to your boards. This simple tool is the power boost that is unique to Tailwind that you can use to help each other grow, increase exposure, rank higher in search results but most importantly drive targeted traffic back to your website or blog!

How to Add A Pin To A Tribe From Your Blog Or Pinterest

  • Go to your blog, Pinterest board, or any website you want to pin from.
  • Hover over the image you want to pin or add to the Tribe.
    • If on your blog/website: The Tailwind button will show up on the bottom left section of the pic.
    • If on Pinterest: The Tailwind button will show up at the top of the pic.

The goal of Tribes is to make it quick and easy to work together and distribute content to expand your reach and drive engaged readers and organic traffic to your business. You can also create your own Tribe for other specific niche partnerships if you like!

It’s worth mentioning that Tailwind is one of the few partners of the Pinterest Marketing Partner Program. This just means that Tailwind gives us access to awesome capabilities while at the same time abiding by Pinterest’s Terms of Use and latest updates.

Take Tailwind for A Spin with A Free Month Trial

tailwind free trialTailwind makes it possible for you to try out their service absolutely free without handing over credit card details. The free trial is actually how I started on Tailwind… and now I’m 100% sure I couldn’t live without it!

Tailwind provides Shamazing customer service; your questions literally get answered in a matter of hours… not days!

Now you have a great overview of some of the different ways Tailwind can be used to expand your Pinterest profile, get discovered, and drive quality organic traffic straight to your blog, let’s get you set up with your FREE Trial!


Disclosure: Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. I will only make recommendations on products and services  I personally believe to be of value.